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Ditch time and budget constraints with Teamworks, The Operating System for Sports,™ home to best-in-class products for each stage of the athlete lifecycle. It’s ONE complete solution that connects, focuses, and empowers support staff and student-athletes to drive team performance for DII and DIII institutions.

Supporting DII and DIII Success

Teamworks is the key to efficiency - enabling administrators and student-athletes to excel both on and off the field. Tailored for the unique challenges of DII and DIII schools – limited personnel, time, and budget – our technology streamlines operations allowing institutions to focus on retaining top-tier talent and enriching the lives of student-athletes.

Teamworks is the solution that maximizes impact, transforming constraints into opportunities. Join us in redefining success in collegiate athletics through innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled support for your institution's journey to the next level.

"Our partnership with Teamworks has revolutionized the way we operate within our athletics department. The scheduling, communication, and collaborative workflows provided by Teamworks Hub have streamlined our processes and improved efficiency.

Newest Teamworks Elite Partners

Grand Valley State Athletics partners with Teamworks, adopting the Elite package to streamline operations across all 22 sports programs, integrating communication, compliance, medical record-keeping, and NIL management, thereby enhancing efficiency and support for student-athletes while setting a visionary standard in collegiate sports technology.


Missouri Southern Athletics partners with Teamworks, integrating their Elite package to streamline operations, enhance communication, and elevate performance for student-athletes, making MSSU the first MIAA member school to adopt this innovative system.


Seton Hill Athletic Department joins forces with Teamworks at the Elite Level, utilizing a comprehensive suite of products to bolster compliance operations, refine communication channels, and elevate support for both staff and student-athletes, setting a new standard of excellence in collegiate sports technology.

Recent News

NCAA selects Teamworks to provide NIL services

The NCAA has selected Teamworks to provide name, image and likeness (NIL) services to student-athletes and member schools. The national office will offer this new NIL service to Division I institutions to facilitate seamless disclosures of NIL activities to Division I schools and the NCAA. Additionally, it will provide valuable education and insights into the evolving NIL environment.


Hub_Symbol_Color_RGBYour Operations Solution

Teamworks Hub transforms DII and DIII institutions with a unified platform for streamlined communication, calendar management, travel coordination, and profile creation, benefiting both staff and student-athletes.

Key Benefits:

  • Full Visibility: Achieve complete visibility, accountability, and transparency.
  • Departmental Collaboration: Foster collaboration across departments – coaches, trainers, SAAC, Ops, etc.
  • Effortless Information Access: Stay updated on travel details, access vendor information, and review trip itineraries.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Easily share notes and documentation on student-athletes, emergency contacts, achievements, and more.

ComplianceYour Compliance & Recruiting Solution

Teamworks Compliance revolutionizes collegiate compliance for DII and DIII institutions, reducing recruiting risks and preserving your department's reputation. Seamlessly working in the background, Compliance proactively monitors activity based on specific Division, Sport, and Calendar parameters.

Key Benefits:

  • Compliance Assurance: Real-time monitoring and direct NCAA reporting.
  • Holistic Monitoring: Customized views for student-athlete standing.
  • Efficiency Redefined: Tailored processes for seamless recruiting operations.
  • Integrated Solution: Compliance & Hub collaborate seamlessly for roster management and single-sign-on usage.
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Seamless Action with Compliance, Recruiting & Hub

Compliance tasks integrate into Hub creating a Mobile Front Door, enabling athletes and staff to streamline workflows effortlessly.

  • Automating internal operations
  • Completing onboarding forms (e.g., NCAA Summary of Regulations, Drug Testing Consent)
  • Submitting declaration forms
  • Managing scholarship renewals and certifying recruiting activities

— all within the Teamworks app.

“When you're part of a DII institution, you wear many, many hats. Teamworks screams efficiency and effectiveness, and that is so clutch for us. We have five different job titles, so streamlining communication is everything. Teamworks definitely provided that for us.”

"Big school or small school, it doesn't really matter. Teamworks can certainly enhance your efficiency, your student-athlete experience, and make your life as an Athletic Director easier."

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InfluencerYour NIL & Branding Solution

Centralize all student-athlete content with Influencer. Add an unlimited number of media staff, coaches, executive staff, agents, etc., for easy access to photos and videos.

Key Benefits:

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: Save time with advanced recognition technology and tagging abilities, automating player and jersey number identification.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly add content from your current photo storage solution, integrating with your existing systems.

AcademicsYour Academic Solution

Teamworks Academics empowers student-athletes for success beyond the field with robust academic support.

Key Benefits:

  • Study Hall Management: Log, track, and manage study hours in real-time, generating shareable reports.
  • Class Checking on the Go: Access the class checking tool on mobile devices to alert advisors and coaches about attendance status.
  • Proactive Progress Reports: Enhance faculty engagement, boost response rates, and identify at-risk student-athletes early for proactive intervention.
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CampsYour Camps Solution

Camps simplifies the camp experience, enhancing registration and reporting for your business.

Key Benefits:

  • Effortless Registration: Simplify the camp registration, payment, and deposit process, unlocking new revenue streams.
  • Risk Management: Automate and secure your business with paperless tools for waivers, liabilities, and worker management.
  • Recruitment Efficiency: Streamline camp operations and recruitment in one platform, ensuring efficiency and data accuracy.
  • Expert Support: Rely on a dedicated team of experienced consultants who understand your business and drive success.
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AMSYour Electronic Medical Record Solution

The Sports EMR dashboard simplifies creating comprehensive individual profiles, incorporating medical history, diagnoses, treatments, and progress. With role-based permissions and intuitive navigation, stakeholders access pertinent information easily, enhancing organizational efficiency and communication.

Key Benefits:

  • Software Configuration: Tailor how your practitioners collect and store data 
  • Simplification: Simplify data entry, communication and information sharing 
  • Reporting: Interactive reporting dashboards for dynamic insights
  • Cross Department Communication: Quickly and easily provide required reports to cross-functional departments with the click of a button.

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