Teamworks for Tactical Performance Teams

Human Performance, Nutrition, and Communication at Scale

Increase Capabilities & Personalize Care

Support your service members and first responders throughout their lifecycle. 


Effectively select recruits by identifying common characteristics of the most successful candidates. Help candidates prepare for fitness tests by providing individualized programming and nutrition planning.


Move candidates through the pipeline quicker, increase graduation rates, and minimize attrition by providing timely interventions and personalized fitness and nutrition programming to those at risk of injury or performance failure.

Active Duty

Increase training and deployment availability by reducing physical and mental injuries, speeding time to return, and improving resiliency. Track factors that contribute to injury or illness, create custom Injury Risk Profiles specific to your environment and flag individuals so timely interventions can be delivered. Promote performance nutrition education, leveraging software to empower tactical dietitians to increase their reach. 

Exit from Service

Improve the overall quality of life for those who have served their country. Easily identify common physical and mental health risk factors among veterans and provide access to care and support. Give them a platform to connect with their veteran community and maintain a sense of belonging and purpose.  

Service Member Lifecycle

The Impact


Reduction in Days Between Courses


Increase in Graduation Rates


Reduction of Avoidable Injuries


Reduction of Off-Duty Days


Dietitian to Service Member Ratio


Decrease in Time to Build Meal Plan

Products for Tactical Teams

Teamworks provides a suite of specialized apps for Military, Public Safety, and other government organizations.


Human Performance Data Management System (HP DMS)

Data Collection & Integrations
Easily centralize human performance data captured through forms, imports, or via integrations with wearables and other performance tech.

Data Visualization and Reporting
Create secure, personalized, and visually engaging dashboards that inform decision-making.

Mobile App
Capture data, access insights, and receive notifications while in the field or on the go.

Securely capture data from consumer wearables like Oura, Polar, and Garmin and anonymously pass it from commercial networks to military networks.

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Performance Nutrition for the Military

Performance Kitchen
The Tactical fueling experience of the future. The “Kitchen” is built to enable a digital DFAC experience personalized for each service member to increase overall utilization of facilities through meal ordering, mobile menu engagement, and AI-powered meal suggestions.

Performance Dietitian Platform
Enables performance dietitians to develop personalized meal plans at scale while also analyzing and educating service members on optimal fuel choices.


Communications & Scheduling

Unified Mobile App
Engage service members with an easy-to-use app to help them manage their daily tasks and schedules.

Simplify Communications
Efficiently connect providers and service members, especially those geographically distributed and on the go. Centralize and easily access files, critical info, education videos, and more on the web and mobile devices.

Improve Resource Utilization
Easily identify, communicate, and schedule encounters with human performance resources. Send automatic reminders through multiple channels and easily fill open spots. 

Hub for Tactical Teams

Power the Service Member Lifecycle

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Communication & Scheduling
Your source of truth for data, communications, and logistics at scale.

Compliance Influencer Recruiting

Recruiting & Pipeline
Digitize your pipeline, build awareness and relationships with new recruits.

AMS  Nutrition

Human Performance
Optimize performance, nutrition, and reduce the risk of injury.

Academics  Pathways

Equip service members with tools for academic and career success.

Product Symbols=Pulse

Easily and securely collect feedback from service members and staff. 

Military Grade Security

Teamworks AMS & EMR are under an Authority to Operate at US DoD Impact Level 5 (IL5), is HIPAA compliant, ISO and SOC 2 Certified.

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