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NCAA NIL Rules are changing. Influencer has you covered.

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What the New NCAA NIL Disclosures Rules Mean for You

  1. Student-athletes will need to report deals to the institution.
  2. The institution will need to report aggregated data to the NCAA.
  3. Having a reliable and efficient way to disclose, organize, and report on NIL deals will be more important than ever.

You’re Ready with Influencer

We’ve been the leader in NIL technology from day one. Today is no different. Our current features and near-term enhancements will make adhering to the new NCAA disclosure rules simple, reduce the impact on daily operations, and ensure your student-athletes remain eligible.

  • Automate Tracking & Reporting
  • Educate & Protect Student-Athletes
  • See How Your School is Performing
INFLCR for NCAA Disclosure Rules

Navigating NCAA NIL Disclosure Requirements

Learn how you can use Influencer to easily comply with the new NCAA NIL rules. 


Get Support from the Experts

Our team has extensive experience integrating TRAC with existing inventory operations and workflows, making set-up 100% hassle-free. Once up and running, our support team and your Customer Success Manager are available to help, answer questions, and share best practices.

Key Features


Compliance Ledger

Automatically track and view all NIL transactions flowing through your Exchange and enable student-athletes to easily self-report other transactions through our mobile app.


Automated Disclosure Reporting

Quickly and easily provide required reports to the NCAA, pre-formatted to match their standards, with the click of a button.


On-Demand Education

Influencer Storyteller Playbook provides engaging content to help student-athletes build their brands and manage their businesses. 


Protect Your Student-Athletes

Control who can propose NIL deals, maintain visibility of all proposals, and arm your student-athletes with an understanding of their Fair Market Value.


Analytics & Benchmarking

View and filter real-time NIL data and statistics for your organization and access aggregate industry data to see how you stack up to others in your conference, division, or across the country.


Student-Athlete Engagement

Effectively communicate with student-athletes regarding concerns with deals related to IP use, conflicts with games/competitions, and reminders to complete tasks.

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Integrate with
Teamworks Hub

As part of the Operating System for Sports™, Influencer integrates with other Teamworks products used across your organization and by student-athletes. The connection with Teamworks Hub lets you quickly and easily share important NIL news and information directly within the mobile app student-athletes use every day.

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Contact us to learn how Teamworks can help your athletic department comply with the new NCAA disclosure rules.

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